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The EuroPrime Radio - 102.8 FM is streaming 24/7 though interruptions might occur to allow for maintenance of our servers. We are broadcasting on 102.8 FM in Flensburg, Hamburg and London.

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Looking for staff in The United Kingdom

The EuroPrime Radio is currently looking for a volunteer to take the position as Creative Manager in The United Kingdom. We are a very close bunch of people located worldwide trying to make The EuroPrime Radio sound like radio :-)

In 2011 our Creative Manager covering The United Kingdom passed away as a result of an accident. We need to move on for the sake of our dedicated listeners. The Creative Manager in The United Kingdom is responsible for monitoring the TOP 40 for any newcomers, which would fit into The EuroPrime Radio experience.

Please send us a short description of your self and why you would be the best choice for the position as Creative Manager in The United Kingdom.

The EuroPrime Radio on FACEBOOK

The EuroPrime Radio has decided on marking our 5 years of streaming the best from the 80’s, 90’s & Today by creating this group on FACEBOOK. We believe in dialog and FACEBOOK has proven to be an excellent way of bringing people together.

Please feel free to comment on The EuroPrime Radio and leave feedback, so we can make The EuroPrime Radio even better for all.

The EuroPrime Radio celebrates 4 years of streaming

On 12 December 2011 The EuroPrime Radio celebrated 4 years of streaming to people around the World. We have seen a growing number of listeners on 102.8 FM in The United Kingdom. Countries like Brazil, Mexico and The United States have also shown a growing interest in The EuroPrime Radio.

The station is still none-commercial and we will try to keep this approach. We have been thinking of opening for donations in 2012 using PAYPAL to ensure the growing number of listeners enough streaming servers.

MUSIC CHOICE is waiting for you

On 1 June 2010 a new feature called MUSIC CHOICE was launched by The EuroPrime Radio. This service allows you to browse our music library and choose the music you want us to play.

We have counted all your requests since the launch of the service and below are the three most requested songs in 2010.

1. Rihanna - Russian Roulette
2. Rasmus Seebach - Lidt I Fem
3. Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red

We are always looking for new music for The EuroPrime Radio. Do you think something is missing from our collection of 80’s, 90’s & Today?

You can always send The EuroPrime Radio an E-Mail with your suggestions for new music or general feedback.

The EuroPrime Radio is back ONLINE

We have been OFFLINE since 1 May 2010 as SETNINE SHOUTcast Hosting terminated all contracts without any pre-warning.

The EuroPrime Radio has an ongoing focus on providing our audience with a positive experience 24/7. This demands a very high level of technical expertise and we needed four weeks to locate a SHOUTcast Hosting Provider matching our technical criteria.

We have given The EuroPrime Radio Website a facelift introducing a couple of new features as streaming in several formats and an overview of the last three songs played.

The EuroPrime Radio turns Two :-)

On Saturday 12 December 2009 at 12:12 CET – The EuroPrime Radio has been on the internet for two years and we hope you have enjoyed the last 24 months of 80’s, 90’s & Today.

The EuroPrime Radio has since day 1 found 80% of all listeners in Germany followed by Denmark, France and The United Kingdom.

We will also in the future continue our focus on providing the best music produced in The European Union.

102.8 FM in The United Kingdom

We have extended our network in London adding a new broadcasting facility in Lewisham. The EuroPrime Radio is now available from broadcasting facilities located in Holland Park, Lewisham and Stratford.

102.8 FM in Flensburg

The EuroPrime Radio is now available in Flensburg on 102.8 FM. We have been granted a Restricted Service License to broadcast our signal using a low-power transmitter north of Flensburg..

The EuroPrime Radio is currently available on 102.8 FM in London, Hamburg.

TOP 40 on The EuroPrime Radio

The EuroPrime Radio has decided upon increasing the amount of TOP 40 in English to cover 80% of all tracks creating the basis for a wider international audience.

We will still be playing tracks in Danish, French, German and Swedish reflecting the diversity of The European Union.

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